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Poetry At It's Best


Welcome to a part of me that I have learned to embrace and share the beautiful words that come from a special place deep within my soul. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime as you read what has been given to me, which sometimes surprises me. Some of it maybe a little deep for some of you, some of it may be too much to grasp at one time and you may have to come back and read it again. Some of it may be right on time for what is going on in your life right at this very minute now..... Just enjoy the moment .

The time has arrived to take "A Walk On The Other Side" a collection of poetry that will change the way you walk I promise you !!. This beautiful collection also comes with a CD that can be purchased  that will touch your soul. Coming up next will be "Eva's Quest For Love", an Erotic Love Story that will touch your heart and keep you wanting more........

Feel free to sign the guest book and leave your comments and I will be sure to respond. Now it's time take off and there are no limits you can ride as long as you like. Peace, Love and Prosperity to you always.  

the awakening - tina wright_mixdown

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